Over a career spanning four decades, together with many wonderful clients, colleagues and friends, I have undertaken my role within each architectural commission with a high degree of respect and responsibility for people and land.

This collection of architecture showcases a small part of this body of work. Thank you to the many home owners and colleagues for their support and permission to share these images with you.


25 November 2020


This inner-north suburban Christchurch home sits within a low density setting lying east of Elmwood Park. This project resulted from the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake which claimed the previous home. Replacing the original 1940’s Modernist house, this home takes a ‘restorative’ architectural approach informing a language that is recognisable in this setting as a modern interpretation of the predecessor with respect to form, location and colour.
25 November 2020


Nestled into Clifton Hill, this home is designed to engage with the panoramic view of Sumner Township below and Pegasus Bay in the distance at every opportunity. Organised onto four terraces, the home steps down the hill from the main entrance to a secondary entrance at the lower point. The program allows an apartment style living on the upper levels with space on the lower level to allow expansion when the extended family visit
25 November 2020

Glandovey CASE STUDY

Nestled within Strowan, a low density, inner northern suburb of Christchurch the brief was to create a family home of warmth and personality with a little bit of quirkiness! The home should be highly private when viewed from the busy street but open to the north facing garden. The interior spaces were to open up for entertaining, yet be compartmentalised for the more intimate, day to day needs of the family.